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Host Your Pup’s Party at Play Unleashed!


Plan your pup’s party at Play Unleashed! We offer space for large and small events! Want to know how to book? Here’s the details!

  • Events with fewer than 6 dogs fall under our regular pricing structure. Events with >6 dogs require pre approval from our team - send us an email to with the details of your event (date, time, desired park, number of people attending, etc.)

  • Events with >10 dogs fall under our corporate bookings. Corporate bookings require the booking of either all 5 parks on the North side (Ken’s Meadow, Enchanted Forest, Adventure Land, Penny’s Place and La Vie en Rosie) to be booked for your event at our regular rate of $146.75 per hour OR all 4 outdoor parks on the South side at our regular rate of $117.40. Full facility rental is also available - please reach out to us directly in order to book an event for >10 dogs.This ensures that clients with reactive dogs are not entering parks during your event and allows for maximum privacy. In addition, an additional 30 minutes must be booked off at both the start and end of your booking to allow for your guests’ arrival and departure. This also ensures adequate parking for your guests. Please contact us via email for bookings with >10 dogs.

  • All guests in attendance must provide proof of current and up to date vaccinations or a letter from your veterinarian stating they are in good health and safe to play. This must be uploaded to your account under the “Documents” tab using the same process for personal bookings. Corporate bookings may submit this separately via email no later than 24 hours prior to your event.

  • You are responsible for the actions of your guests. Please ensure that all guests are made aware of the “Rules of Play” listed in our FAQs. Should one of your guests violate these rules, you may be subject to a warning or cancellation of your park privileges.

  • Smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol, matches, lighters, balloons, confetti, sunflower seeds, tree climbing, branch breaking and/or damaging of property are not permitted anywhere on our property. Please ensure your guests are aware of this.

  • Food and drinks are permitted in our parks however please ensure that all garbage and debris are removed from the park upon exit. Please remember that many of our furry guests have food allergies and leftover food in the parks can cause illness for those guests.

  • Wandering the property outside of the designated Play Unleashed area is not permitted.

Ready to party? Email us at to make your booking today!

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