What is Play Unleashed? 

Play Unleashed is our private, fully fenced, clean secure, 50,000 square foot off leash park areas.  We have 4 parks, each of them with their own unique theme:

  • The Field of Dreams, is a wide-open park where dogs can run wild and free, perfect for chasing ball or frisbee.  

  • The Enchanted Forest is full of winding trails that are perfect for sniffing and beautiful trees to run through.   

  • Agility Adventureland has 22 custom made agility obstacles, including a large, stimulating maze that the dogs (and kids) just love! 

  • Ken’s Meadow – Our newest park that will be opening soon in Fall 2020, features a beautiful open meadow surrounded by large, majestic trees and winding trails.   


What vaccinations and waivers are required for my dog to enjoy the parks?  

Our belief is that every dog should have the ability to run and play free as nature intended and we are proud to be able to offer this to you. It is our mission to provide not only a safe and secure place to play, but also a healthy one and that is why we have vaccination protocols for our guests. We require all dogs to be fully up to date with their core vaccinations, including Parvovirus and Distemper.  Rabies, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, is not required, but strongly recommended. Titre testing is accepted as long as your pup is in good health and is regularly seen by your vet, however proof of a valid titre test must be presented prior to entering the parks. When booking the park, you will be required to provide current and valid vaccination records.  You will also be required to sign an online waiver when booking the park. 


What are the park hours? 

We are open 365 days a year, however our hours are seasonal and dependent upon daylight hours.   

Due to safety concerns, the parks are not open before dawn and after dark.   

What are the park rates and do you offer discount packages? 


Half Hour Rates 

Drop In Half Hour Park Pass: $17.05 +GST

10 Pass - Half Hour Park Passes: $152.90 +GST 

30 Pass - Half Hour Park Passes: $409.20 + GST 


One Hour Rates  

Drop In 1 Hour Park Pass: $23.10 +GST 

10 Pass - 1 Hour Park Passes: $207.90 +GST 

30 Pass - 1 Hour Park Passes: $554.40 + GST 

How do I book the parks? 

All park bookings are done online.  To set up your account and book the park please use our booking tool here. You will need to sign an online waiver and upload proof of your dog’s current vaccinations.  Please note we do not have the ability to book or accept payment, waivers or vaccination records over the phone. 


When I book the park, will there be other people and dogs in the park I have booked? 

No, all our parks are private, when you book the space you have it all to yourself!   We just ask that you are respectful of other guests as they enter/exit the parks, giving dogs and their people space to enter/exit safely.   


Do you provide waste bags? 

We encourage you to bring your own waste bags, however we do have pet waste bags in each park. We ask that you ensure you pick up after your pets so everyone can enjoy a clean and safe environment.  Each park has a picnic table, so grab a coffee and rest and relax in our park while your pup enjoys their own private off leash park time.   


Can I have more than one dog in the park at a time?  

You are welcome to have your friend and their pups join you in the park at no extra charge.  Please note ALL dogs in the park must provide proof of vaccinations and additional guests must complete waivers.  However, for large groups such as events, pre-approval is required. Please email info@playunleashed.com for further information and to book your event. 


Do you have washroom facilities in the park? 

Yes, we offer a porta-potty on site located in front of the building for your use.   


Is smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs, cannabis allowed in the parks? 

No. Smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs, cannabis are not permitted in any area of the property.  In addition, climbing of trees or damaging property is forbidden. These activities will result in revocation of park privileges. 


Do you provide water in the parks? 

We do not provide water, so we encourage you to bring your own water. 

If your questions weren't answered in the FAQ and are still needing further assistance,

you can give us a call at 403 - 234 - 7297

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