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What is Play Unleashed? 

Play Unleashed is our private, fully fenced, clean, secure off leash park areas.  Each outdoor park is 50,000 sq ft and surrounded by 6' chain link with double gated entry to prevent any potential escape points. We have 4 outdoor and 1 indoor park, each of them with their own unique theme:

  • The Field of Dreams, is a wide-open park where dogs can run wild and free, perfect for chasing ball or frisbee.  

  • The Enchanted Forest is full of winding trails that are perfect for sniffing and beautiful trees to run through.   

  • Agility Adventureland has 22 custom made agility obstacles, including a large, stimulating maze that the dogs (and kids) just love! 

  • Ken’s Meadow features a beautiful open meadow surrounded by large, majestic trees and winding trails.   

  • Penny’s Place is our first indoor park, which has obstacles for dogs to practice nose work, find it games and playtime. This park features 1000 sq ft of heated space for your dog to run and play!

  • La Vie en Rosie is a wide open INDOOR space with no obstacles so bring a ball or some friends to run and play! Rubberized flooring offers a great space for dogs to play safely and get some traction while chasing a frisbee or engaging in group play. Trainers and dog professionals will love this space for classes and educational seminars!

  • Roger’s Retreat (Opening September 2023!) is our largest park yet! Roger’s Retreat features a beautiful open space with the addition of tall larches and is the perfect mix of space to run and play and forest to explore. Plus, a large hill that would make a great sledding hill in winter months! Roger’s Retreat is the most stunning location in the fall when the larch trees turn a vibrant orange!

  • Marjorie’s Meadow (Opening September 2023!) Marjorie’s Meadow is a beautiful area that features a mix of meadow, pine trees, and open spaces. Perfect for playing a game of fetch, exploring the forest or just going on a leisurely walk.

  • Brent’s Woods (Opening September 2023!) Brent’s Woods, our most densely treed off-leash dog park will provide your furry friend with a safe and secure environment in which to explore and socialize with other dogs. With plenty of trails and spots to discover, your dog will love the experience of exploring the great outdoors, right in the heart of this beautiful and natural park.

What are the "Rules of Play"?

We require all park patrons to abide by the "Rules of Play". These rules are posted at the entrance to the facility as well as at each park entrance. To ensure the safety of all our guests, please adhere to the following rules.  Contravention of rules may result in revocation of park privileges. 

  • Only confirmed and paid customers permitted on property - absolutely no wandering property, buildings or park hopping

  • All dogs must be on leash in the parking lot

  • All dogs and guests are to remain in vehicles until the booked park time - no waiting at park gates permitted

  • Parking in designated parking areas only

  • Prior to entering the park, check your booking confirmation to ensure you have the correct park, date, time and location

  • Clean up after yourself and your pet - ensure all pet waste, garbage, treats and toys are removed.  No digging permitted.

  • Guests must adhere to their booked park times and leave promptly at end of park time - no loitering in parking lot or property

  • No dog interactions are permitted - many dogs are reactive - give dogs and owners space to safely enter and exit the parks

  • Owners must not employ abusive measures in training their dogs. Abusive measures include, but are not limited to, physical violence, intimidation, deprivation of food or water, confinement in excessively small spaces, and any form of training that causes physical or psychological harm to the animal. Training methods should prioritize positive reinforcement, patience, and understanding to foster a healthy and trusting relationship between the owner and the dog.

  • Play Unleashed is a respectful, family friendly environment. Rude behaviour or foul language will not be tolerated

  • No smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol, matches, lighters, balloons, confetti, sunflower seeds, tree climbing, branch breaking, damaging of property

  • Use of deshedding brushes are not permitted in the parks

  • Food and drinks are permitted in our parks however all garbage and debris must be removed from the park upon exit

  • Owners must provide proof of each dog's up to date core vaccinations, including Parvovirus and Distemper. Rabies and Bordetella/Kennel Cough is not required, but strongly recommended

  • Parties of more than 6 dogs are subject to event pricing. Please see our Events & Parties page for details.

What are the park rates and do you offer discount packages? 

Rates are as follows - our best discounted package is the 30 pass option.

Half Hour Rates 

Drop In Half Hour Park Pass: $20.62 +GST

10 Pass - Half Hour Park Passes: $185.00 +GST 

30 Pass - Half Hour Park Passes: $495.13 + GST 


One Hour Rates  

Drop In 1 Hour Park Pass: $27.95 +GST 

10 Pass - 1 Hour Park Passes: $251.56 +GST 

30 Pass - 1 Hour Park Passes: $670.82 + GST 

What do I do when I arrive for my first park booking?

When you arrive, you can simply head towards your booked park. In each park there is a set of double gates, if the park is occupied there should be a clip at the bottom of the gate pin to indicate there’s someone inside. If not, head on in and use the occupied tag to clip onto the pin and let people know it’s occupied! Then just go enjoy your play session! We just ask that you vacate at the end of your booked time - sometimes it takes a bit of time to round up the pups so just keep that in mind so it doesn’t extend into the next client’s session. Please don't forget to take the occupied tag off the pin once you're done in the park.

We do ask that if clients are still in the park at your booked time, that you please approach them without your dogs. While all clients are required to leave at their scheduled departure time, we understand that sometimes time can get away on us. If this occurs, please ensure you approach the gate to let them know without your dogs present. Many of our clients have reactive dogs and this can create a dangerous situation. Dog to dog interactions outside of your booked party are not permitted for this reason.

Where do I park when I arrive?

We ask that you park only in the designated parking areas. Please refrain from driving on the grass or right up to the park gates. As we are on a septic system, there are hidden septic tanks and underground irrigation lines that can be damaged from vehicles parked outside of the designated area. Please refer to the map below for guidance.

What if someone arrives at the park while I'm there? Can parks be double booked?

For the safety of our clients, parks cannot be double booked in our online booking system. Please double check your booking confirmation to ensure that you have arrived at the correct day and time - the majority of the time, confusion around bookings is due to an error in the date and time booked. If someone is in the park during your booked time, please check your booking confirmation to ensure you're at the correct park at the correct time. If you are sure you're in the right spot at the right time, please politely ask them to do the same! Often these issues can be quickly resolved by both parties checking their confirmations. Whenever approaching other clients, please ensure that your dogs are not present, to avoid any dog to dog interactions. Keeping your dogs in your vehicle until you are ready to enter the park creates a safe environment for everyone and avoids issues with reactive dogs.


What vaccinations and waivers are required for my dog to enjoy the parks?  

Our belief is that every dog should have the ability to run and play free as nature intended and we are proud to be able to offer this to you. It is our mission to provide not only a safe and secure place to play, but also a healthy one and that is why we have vaccination protocols for our guests. We require all dogs to be fully up to date with their core vaccinations, including Parvovirus and Distemper.  Rabies and Bordetella/Kennel Cough are not required, but are strongly recommended. Titre testing is accepted as long as your pup is in good health and is regularly seen by your vet, however proof of a valid titre test must be presented prior to entering the parks. When creating your account in our online booking tool, please upload proof of current vaccination records to the "Documents" tab in the booking tool.  You will also be required to sign an online waiver when creating your account. 

How do I book the parks? 

All park bookings are done online.  To set up your account and book the park please use our booking tool here. You will need to sign an online waiver and upload proof of your dog’s current vaccinations.  Please note we do not have the ability to book or accept payment, waivers or vaccination records over the phone. 


How and where do I upload vaccination documents?

At the top right-hand corner after you’ve logged in, there is a tab called “Documents” where you can upload your proof of vaccinations. It will be stored in your Mindbody account. Please remember to update your documents when your dog gets their routine vaccinations done.


I'm having trouble with the booking tool. How can I get help?

Head on over to our Booking Troubleshooting page! We have some helpful hints there to assist you with most issues. Most booking issues can be resolved by using our website instead of the Mindbody app to book.


I'm booking from a different time zone - how will this affect my booking?

Please remember, if you are on vacation and booking park times for your pet sitter, they will be made in your device time zone! This means that if you are in Hawaii, and you make the appointment for 1 pm on your device, there is a very good chance your pet sitter will show up 3 hours early for their appointment! For the safety of all our customers, our parks cannot be double booked - but if you have made an appointment in the wrong time zone, it may appear that way to your pet sitter if they show up at the wrong time. Your email confirmation will always include the correct time in MST.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is necessary, we require that you cancel your booking as soon as possible. You are able to cancel 1 hour prior to your booking at the very latest. Your session will be refunded back as credit on your account, redeemable towards a future booking.

Do my passes expire?

Passes have an expiry date of 1 year from date of purchase. Expired passes can be extended by emailing us at, up to an additional 6 months from the original expiry date. If you have exceptional circumstances that require additional extension, please email us and our team will consider these requests on a case by case basis.

How can I reschedule/book my session?

In your account under your booking, you’ll see options to cancel your session. Your session will be refunded back as credit on your account. If you’re wanting to reschedule, you’ll first have to cancel your session then rebook. You can use the credit from your cancellation to book a park.


When I book the park, will there be other people and dogs in the park I have booked? 

No, all our parks are private, when you book the space you have it all to yourself!   We just ask that you are respectful of other guests as they enter/exit the parks, giving dogs and their people space to enter/exit safely.   

What are the park hours? 

We are open 365 days a year, however our hours are seasonal and dependent upon daylight hours.   

Due to safety concerns, the parks are not open before dawn and after dark.   


Do you provide waste bags? 

We encourage you to bring your own waste bags, however we do have pet waste bags in each park. We ask that you ensure you pick up after your pets so everyone can enjoy a clean and safe environment.  Each park has a picnic table, so grab a coffee and rest and relax in our park while your pup enjoys their own private off leash park time.   


Can I have more than one dog in the park at a time?  

You are welcome to have your friend and their pups join you in the park at no extra charge.  Please note ALL dogs in the park must provide proof of vaccinations and additional guests must complete waivers.  However, for large groups such as events, pre-approval is required. Please email for further information and to book your event. 


How do I book Penny’s Place or La Vie en Rosie? I am unable to book online.

Bookings for Penny’s Place and La Vie en Rosie can be made by emailing us at Currently we are not accepting online bookings for our indoor parks.

Do you have washroom facilities in the park? 

Yes, we offer a porta-potty on site located in front of the building for your use.   


Is smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs and/or cannabis allowed in the parks? 

No. Smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs, cannabis are not permitted in any area of the property.  In addition, climbing of trees or damaging property is forbidden. These activities will result in revocation of park privileges. 

Do you provide water in the parks? 

We do not provide water, so we encourage you to bring your own water. 

Can I book birthday parties for my pup at Play Unleashed?

Yes! Head over to our Parties & Events page for details.

How can I contact you? 

The fastest way to get in contact with us is via email (

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