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Field of Dreams: Great for dogs who like to run, play and chase the ball or frisbee! 

Happy dogs at Play Unleashed having a great time off leash

Our first park features 50,000 square feet of unobstructed open space for your pup to be able to get up to full speed! This park allows your pups to burn off their energy in a safe and positive way while chasing balls and having a great time! Also for fantastic for larger groups of pups who love to play and romp together.

Enchanted Forest: Great for dogs who love to explore!


Your own private forest adventure awaits you and your best friend! Welcome to our treed park, The enchanted Forest. Here you and your pup can enjoy sniffing, searching and exploring all the sights and sounds that a natural aspen grove offers. The Enchanted Forest is great for those pups who might not like to run full tilt, but would rather have their nose to the ground and can sniff to their heart's content!

Adventure Land: For agility enthusiasts and dogs who love puzzles!


Get your dog out for some for some fun at Adventure Land! This massive park features ramps, jumps, platforms and even a maze! Agility enthusiasts will love practicing in here, but any dog can run and play in Adventure Land! We've even heard that people love it too!

Ken's Meadow: For dogs who love to run and play!


Our newest park is now open! This park features the best of both worlds - a wide open space for playing ball, frisbee or running free, and is also surrounded by lush trees. Great for dogs who love to run but still enjoy the slower pace of a sniffy walk. 

Penny’s Place: Beat the heat or stay cool in our first INDOOR play park!


Our first park INDOOR Play Park! Our indoor play space is heated to keep your paws warm on cold days. Our competition grade agility equipment is exciting for pups of all skill levels! Work on skills and train that brain with our A-frame, weave poles, jumps, tunnel and dog walk!

La Vie en Rosie: Run and play in comfort in our second INDOOR park!

This wide open INDOOR space has no obstacles so bring a ball or some friends to run and play! Rubberized flooring offers a great space for dogs to play safely and get some traction while chasing a frisbee or engaging in group play. Trainers and dog professionals will love this space for classes and educational seminars!

Roger’s Retreat


Our largest park yet! Roger’s Retreat features a beautiful open space with the addition of tall larches is the perfect mix of space to run and play and forest to explore. Plus, a large hill that would make a great sledding hill in winter months! Roger’s Retreat is the most stunning location in the fall when the larch trees turn a vibrant orange!

Marjorie’s Meadow


Marjorie’s Meadow is a beautiful area that features a mix of meadow, pine trees, and open spaces. Our park is perfect for playing a game of fetch or just going on a leisurely walk to catch some fresh air.

Brent’s Woods 


Brent’s Woods, our most densely treed forested off-leash dog park will provide your furry friend with a safe and secure environment to explore. With plenty of trails and spots to discover, your dog will love the experience of exploring the great outdoors, right in the heart of this beautiful and natural park.

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