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What is Play Unleashed?

Play Unleashed is a private, off leash dog park that you can rent for your furry family! Our off leash parks offer a truly unique way for you and your pup to enjoy the benefits of off leash play without any of the risks associated with traditional parks.


Why bring your dog to Play Unleashed?

Vaccinations are mandatory for each guest and we maintain records on every pup who enters the park to ensure a healthy environment.


Private bookings ensure that you and your pack will be the only ones enjoying the park during the time you have booked. For bookings of more than 6 dogs, please see our Events & Parties page.


Respectful community that is committed to safety, cleanliness and integrity of our park. Everyone is required to leave the park as they found it, resulting in a positive experience for everyone!


Secure and safe environment with 6 foot high, screened chain link fencing and a double gate system to ensure your pups are contained and safe at all times.


50,000 square feet outdoors to run freely all to yourself - your choice of 7 themed outdoor parks and 2 indoor parks!

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