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Booking Troubleshooting


We use an online booking tool called Mindbody for all park bookings. Unfortunately, due to the volume of bookings, we are not able to accept bookings over the phone. If you are having issues with the booking tool, here are some tips to help resolve your issues!


  • We strongly recommend booking through our website and not the Mindbody app. While the app is more mobile-friendly, we do find that users experience fewer errors and issues through our website. The website can be accessed on both smart phones and computers. Click here to access the booking website.

  • If you still prefer to use the Mindbody app, please ensure that you have the most recent version installed on your device. Older versions of the app can cause booking issues. If you continue to have issues, please ensure that you have completely closed the app and rebooted your device before trying again. Deleting the app from your device and reinstalling can also help. If your issue still persists, please refer to the booking website above.

  • Are you experiencing issues with double bookings or time zones? Please remember, if you are on vacation and booking park times for your pet sitter, they will be made in your device time zone! This means that if you are in Hawaii, and you make the appointment for 1 pm on your device, there is a very good chance your pet sitter will show up 3 hours early for their appointment! For the safety of all our customers, our parks cannot be double booked - but if you have made an appointment in the wrong time zone, it may appear that way to your pet sitter if they show up at the wrong time. Your email confirmation will always include the correct time in MST.

  • If you created an account through The Place 4 Paws previously for daycare bookings, you may need to re-link your account to Play Unleashed. See below for instructions: 



If you are still encountering issues with the app,  please contact Mindbody directly here

 as we do not have the ability to resolve technical issues.

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